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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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there could be hundreds of demonstrators. nbc bay area jodi hernandez tweeted out the decision a few minutes ago and joins news berkeley with more details. jodi. >> reporter: raj, the berkeley police chief brought the pepper spray issue to the council as an urgent request. as you mentioned just within the last 15 minutes the council gave the department the green light to use pepper spray on violent individuals at protests. >> we want you to be able to see for yourself the actual weapons that are being brought to the fray. >> berkeley police chief is asking the city council to lift its ban on the use of pep he spray when members of a crowd get violent. with conservative commentator ben shap err o set to speak at uc berkeley this thursday the chief said the police need the industry standard tool to keep things safe. >> we're facing the prospect of meeting a large armed
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coordinated group prepared to use explosive shields, clubs, projectiles. >> what we have seen in berkeley in the events is the rise, the growth of extremist groups. >> berkeley's mayor agrees. he says the proposed new rule would allow police to use pepper spray on violent people in a crowd but not for crowd control. >> this is only going to be used against a specific individual who is engaged in violence, to minimize violence. >> city of berkeley advocating for pepper survey. >> but many demonstrators see the move to allow police to use pepper spray as an intimidation tactic against protesters. >> who speak out against the a shap err o visit is planned for thursday. >> it's shameful that they're trying to intimidate and silence protesters from standing up against facism. >> reporter: again, the council made it clear that pepper pray is not to be used as a means of crowd control like we saw at uc
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davis in 2011, only on specific violent individuals in a crowd. but still when the unanimous decision was announced people hissed, shouted shame on you the folks are not happy with the decision. reporting live at berkeley jb jodi, hernandez. >> now, jodi did post-that video of the crowd behind the scenes as the decision was being made and announced at the city council meeting. you can follow her at jodi hernandez tv. >> well spectacular to see but the lightning comes with serious danger, more than a thousand strikes sparked several fires in the bay area. including one in woodside. the crews battling this fire off of 280. off of sky line road about three miles west of wootside. the latest update 60 acres burns no homes threatened >> we're looking toward san
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jose, toward the south where lightning strikes could come from. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is keeping an eye within with radar but we begin with dami dami damian. >> we have a difficult fire. >> they make the rounds every 15 minutes. scanning the santa clara valley to the west and. >> we can see when it's clear. and only down to monthera on the south. >> visibility is low today. but yesterday it was a light show on mount copernicus. the strikes sparked seven brush fires and the natural light also came dangerously close to the lookout tower. >> they had to evacuate the tower twice to the safety of the
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vehicles at the bottom of the mountain only to come back up again once the cell passed through. >> the tower is staffed by volunteers on high you fire danger days, open all last week during the heat wave. today is concern of more light zblng there was a forecast of a possible thunder cell moving through this afternoon. jerry and i will be alert looking for those. >> that was our reporter and speaking of that forecast, of more thunderstorms let's get do it. another live look in san jose. clear skies for the most part. but that could change. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the latest. what are you seeing. we are looking at the area of low pressure off shore, stalling out a little bit. that's why we haven't seen any activity this afternoon. but as it moves in this will heighten the risk of thunderstorms across the bay area. a current look at the doppler radar as we put it on a scan nothing showing nup east bay south bay or peninsula. but the high resolution is it
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forecast model are giving us new information. 11:30 tonight possibly spotty showers near the santa cruz mountains near morgan hill and gilroy. and things picking up a little bit more, maybe isolated thunderstorms to the south of morgan hill at 2:00 in the morning. in terms of this activity just a slight chance again for font. the best chance would be from 2:00 to 8:00 in the morning on wednesday, winds 20 to 40-mile-per-hour. potentially small hail. also more dangerous lightning, south bay overall would have the highest risk. a full look at the future cast at 6:20. >> we have to tell you we're receiving so many eye opening photos of the bay area skies lighting up with the lightning. check this out from due mark photography. over the golden gate bridge. . instagram approval. this is a picture of leo ryan memorial park. beautiful. and patrick took this photo in
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sals lit o. >> you go to nbc bay for more. >> update now with hurricane irma. the long process of assessing and cleaning up is just getting start. floridians are left with billions of dollars in damage and even worse the death toll is 17 people and that's just here in the united states. 15 million people are still without power, food and fuel are tough to find in some of the hardest hit areas like napeles, florida. fema says 90% of the homes in the keys, florida keys were damaged or destroyed. coming nup 20 minutes at 6:30 our weather reporter vianey arana joins us from miami. >> the families in san francisco killed in june are suing the company. the families suing ups allied security and the building owner.
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they say the june 14th shooting could have been prevented. attorneys say metal detecters and security guards failed to stop the driver who was armed with a submachine gun and pistol when he entered the building and went through the metal detecter. he killed three other drivers before committing suicide. >> we have a follow-up to a story we brought you earlier this month. the bay area air quality management district is issues a violation to the now defunct russian consulate in san francisco. officials say the violation is for the consulate staff burning garbage. you might recall black smoke fá building chimney. . firefighters responded to the consulate smoke alarm only to term it was as false alarm. the trump administration had ordered the russian consulate members to leave and close down operations. new details on a judiciale1 victory for president trump. supreme court ruled late today that the administration can begin enforcing its so-called travel ban thursday. the white house asked the
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justices to block the lower court ruling that would have eased that ban allowing 24,000 refugees to enter the u.s. before november. however, this court decision is temporary. it asked to hear arguments on the issue next month. 30 million for california's daca rekrip yents. state lawmakers went the d.r.e.a.m. erps protected in california who are facing fear of deportation. they are brought to the u.s. as children by parents and now they're in legal limbo. 24,000 california d.r.e.a.m.ers are in the south bay and the vast majority are employed going to college. county leaders want them to stay that way. today the santa clara county board of supervisors considered approving 200,000 to help them the rekrip yents to pay the cost to renew status. >> and that could be an issue. we don't want somebody to be taken taking out a payday loan to get the $495 together.
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that's what the county will assist with. it's money well invested we think. >> other bay area counties are considering similar action. by the way the president has pledged to end the daca program in six months but he'd like congress in the interim to find a solution. and she is set to talk on "the today show." hillary clinton with sit down with matt lawyer and savannah guthrie for her first interview since the election. you'll be able to able to watch it tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. well it's the talk of the town lighting up the bay area skies but also leading to a lot of panic. the tense moments for a local mother and her daughter. we'll explain. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're track agnew chance of thunderstorm. we'll have the the future cast up and going at 6:20. we'll let you know the best chance for more thunderstorms on wednesday. i'm scott budman in cupertino. huge crowds today, for apple's new headquarters and the new gadgets.
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we'll give you the rundown coming up. new phones, and expensive phones
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.. a big day for silicon valley pioneer apple today .. new phones, expensive phones. a big day for silicon valley pioneer apple, the world's most valuable company. showing off new technology and the new home. our reporter was there to see the new digs and give the phone a test run.
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>> reporter: welcome to apple's new campus, specifically the steve jobs theater, a lot of excitement around the new digs for the most valuable company in the wormed. and lots of new gadgets, most promptly brand new soon to be released iphone x. it's apple's newest most jam-packed and priceyest phone ever. >> the iphone x takes it up a notch. >> reporter: the iphone x taking on competition with a better camera, faster processer and increased security, thanks to facial recognition. >> remember, facial recognition is used actually a lot in government and military today. it's never been brought down to the consumer level with this level of accuracy. >> reporter: and fittingly the day started at the steve jobs theater where apple ceo tim cook aluted the late cofounder. >> he felt deeply about our
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workplace and its surroundings. and he believed that they should inspire talented people to do their best work. >> reporter: a new place to work and new products to sell. >> on the emotional high it's probably the fact we're in the steve jobs theater. it's the 10th anniversary of the iphone. a new home and start up. >> reporter: the 8 starts at 699, the 8 plus at $799. the iphone x starts at $999. >> thank you scott. it wasn't just a phone from the spiraling elevator to the new theater, the steve jobs spaceship campus getting a lot of buzz. we got a chat with steve wozny ac. you can check it out on our website. >> here video that terrified a
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student she captured from her home in san francisco's parkside neighborhood. she screamed as lightning struck a power pole. her mom immediately unplugged all the pipelineses in the house and prayed the flames didn't make their way inside. >> it was lightning, thunder all the wire came right off the pole. >> we had our curtains semi closed but you could see massive shocking, blitzes of light. >> so many of us saw it last night pg&e sent crews out right away. everyone had power by on by this morning. we're seeing the dramatic and dangerous weather on both sides of the country. many people ask is climate change to blame. mark matthews is in san francisco with the scientific explanation. mark. >> reporter: in the wake of hurricane irma and hurricane harvey and the billions of dollars that taxpayers are going to have to shell out to rebuild houston and south florida, the timing of this report today,
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particularly interesting. it is accepted science that warmer waters fuel bigger hurricanes. and the great majority of scientisting acknowledge that greenhouse gases perrinly carbon dioxide are making the planet warmer per the union of kwernd scientists has authored a study has linked it to fossle energy companies. >> the largest being exxon mobil, bp and others. a third of the rice in see level can be attributed to the companies. >> he got his ph.d. from uc caves taut at stanford and harvard. >> it's agreeing breaking work. it's the basis upon which we can begin to identify how much of the damage from sea level for example that we're seeing from storm surges from hurricane harvey or hurricane irma might be in principal attributed to the emissions from the products
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of different companies. >> he claims that fossle fuel companies knew for decades about the risk of burning cashen and the effect on global warming. but they chose to fund dmiemt deniers why should taxpayers be alone in picking up the tab. >> when companies could have taken action but did not not just like to back o companies. >> to see how they measured the study we will have a link to it on the website. the union of concerned scientists has been actively involved in climate change policy and politics. i reached out to western state's petroleum association to get reaction to this study. they represent oil companies. they told me they weren't comfortable arguing this study so soon after -- i'm sorry so soon after harvey and irma. reporting from san francisco
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mark mathews nbc bay area. >> a lot to keep track of thank you, mark. one of the suspects at the center of a child homicide case is now in custody after our investigation. senior investigative reporter vicki winn exposed this last month. it's such?n!z3c8wñr an emotion. to it family has waited six years for the news. >> they have. we were the first to share it today. the lynch family says the arrest of holly bar low provides some home they will get justice for eden. she was just three years old when she died. paramedic rushed her to the hospital august 31st, 2011. she was home with her father jimmy's girlfriend, now wife holly bar low. according to reports by child protective services jimmy and holly told doctors she had fallen down the steps three days earlier they claimed she was fine at first but then
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collapsed. hospital staff didn't believe the story. eden's death was ruled a homicide. caused by blunt force trauma to the head. eden's mother and grandparents contacted us after waiting six years for the alameda district attorney to take action. the d.a. wouldn't agree to an interview. but after weeks of our questions prosecutors filed charges against holly bar low. she turned herself in yesterday and was booked on a felony child abuse charge. authorities allege she failed to seek medical help for eden. we spoke with eden's mom erica lynch in southern california via face time. >> i hope everything comes to light. none of this would happened if you did not run the story. >> holly bar low will have the first court appearance tomorrow in dublin. meanwhile jimmy bar low a member of the coast guard faces a court martial. an attorney for jimmy said
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neither jimmy more holly did anything harmful. they we will bring you updates. >> vicki powerful adjourn i. there thank you. if you have a story tip for anyone in the investigative unit give aus call, 1-888-996-tips, or you can send us an email directly to the unit at >> all right bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. let's check on the status where we are. do we expect more of the lightning strikes. >> it does appear so based on current forecasts. really a lot of it firing up as we head into the overnight. we have to wait for it. we have been monitoring the doppler radar closely. as we look at the current view and you can see there is nothing right now. we do have thunderstorms over the sierra. but for us nothing at this point. i wasn't expecting anything major at this hour. everything is on track. at least right now. we'll take you outside of san francisco. i want all of you to know after the lightning strikes you had last night you're seeing the clouds move in. this is actually fog and marine layer with drizzle. not part of any thunderstorm
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activity. currently a chilly 66. you can see 60s throughout the evening. in terms of what we expect let's bring you into the future cast.] 11:30 tonight we continue to see the possibility of instability right here across the santa cruz mountains and points south. and at 2:30 over morgan hill we may see thunderstorms fire up. as we hit around 5:00 in the morning you can see san jose, santa cruz mountains, maybe in the east bay getting in on some activity. really looks like the southern portions of the viewing area have the best ability to get anything. and then as we hit 11:00 in the morning we'll see things clearing on out throughout the bay. temperatures will cool a if you more degrees tomorrow as well. bringing us to 85 in concord. 84 livermore, 84 san jose, 67 half moon bay, 69 san francisco and 79 in santa rosa. we'll have more looks at the extended forecast and also another shower chance in the mix by next tuesday. that's coming up at 6:48.
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>> a lot happening here. thank you jeff. driverless cars get ready they want in the fast lane. we'll tell you about the decision by the federal government. ==reveal==
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a look back at the life of gay rights pioneer, edith windsor. h happening now on the website a rook wak at the life of guy rights pioneer edith winder hero landmark supreme court case paved the path for legalizing same-sex marriage. president obama said few made as big a difference.
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on our facebook page more than $62,000 raised on for a hotdog vendor. driverless cars could be shiftng
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into the fast lane. ==take vo the future is almost here. driverless cars could be shipping into the fast lane. today transportation secretary elaine chao announced new guidelines for automated vehicles in an effort to encourage faster developments if the new rules make changes to obama era regulations that auto makers claimed slowed down innovation. consumer groups are worried about safety issues down the road. who is the blame for a deadly crash that involved a tesla on copilot? effort to a certain extent. the ntsb says the driver of the car who died relied too much on the driverless system. the truck driver who failed to
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yield. with you but some blame was laid on tesla because the software allowed for pro longed disengagement from driving. tesla releasing a statement saying customer safety comes first and the auto pilot technology quote significantly increases safety. a piece of highway history could be jurors. think of it as caltrans collectible. the circular freeway accents are hitting the auction block. they have phasing out the pavement markers feel bumpy. they're implement ago cheaper striping system. there are even some 7,000 dots long wishing in a sacramento warehouse and it's hearing from collectors who want to buy them. the state says they will sell lots of dots at an upcoming pur plus property auction. if you're interested gets ready. the dots can be yours. >> lots of dots. up next at 6:00. fined for setting off fireworks.
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the chalgs san jose city leaders made to make is it doesn't happen again. working to get florida back in busy. we'll take you liver to if miami. see our own vianey arana on the cleanup. right now at 6:30: billions of
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dollars in damage floridians are now trying to clean up, and get back on their right now at 6:30, billions of dollars in damage. floridian ares are trying to clean up and get back on their feet in the wake of hurricane
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irma. as most of the state sifts through the dj people in miami are relatively grateful because irma could have been worse. >> it could have been worse but it didn't mean it didn't do damage or hurt homes. the city is a mess. a lot of it isn't up and running. thousands of people face months potentially years of cleanup. nbc bay area vianey arana has been in miami since before it arrived. she joins us with the latest hi, vianey. >> reporter: hi, jessica, high raj. even though things are good compared do other areas. we've still got trees and debris. but if you've never been to miami it's tough to remove the images of hurricane irma. we have cars and lights and people eating. and slowly but surely the folks of miami are ready to welcome you into their area and they're ready to kind of get things going. we walked around and spoke with a couple of people.
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it looked like a more normal day at the beach. calm waves now crashing along the shore. residents and tourists enjoyed the warmth of the sun. one dad described how he felt just two days after hurricane irma shook miami. >> safe again. safe and happy that everything is okay. >> the miami-dade curfew was lifted as thousands of residents sat in bumper to bumper along the venetian causeway trying to return home. crews continued the tireless efforts working to clear debris and restore water and power. >> working on every property we have, three, no external damage, we haven't found any. but a lot of trees and stuff to clean up. >> residents are thankful for the efforts. >> we got the water back. so great job, you know. city the miami, they did what
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they are supposed to do and did it well. >> restaurant owners are anxious to bring back the miami vibe. music and for many finally a delicious hot meal. >> people are so sad. although when you see the trees and the house and come to here to have a great lunch and enjoy it. >> for now the popular hot spot is beginning to feel a bit more normal. a day at the beach enjoying bikinis and drinks in hand. and i can personally tell you that the locals have really come together even the tourists that have been here have been welcoming. this is a tgi friday behind me but a lot of localless told me i need to try cuban food. we're looking forward to going over and chat wg local restaurant owners working their way to a more interesting miami so far but it looks like as of
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right now the people of miami definitely said they got lucky when it came to the impact of irma. >> yeah, there is no question. they really got lucky. yes you need to try to a cuban food. as you know i've been telling you my family hunkered down during the hurricane. my sister's house is damage but everyone else is healthy. my niece sen me the photo was this local cuban market. it's very bare. my niece says it feels like the apocalypse still. markets are bare. markets are only taking cash. there are a couple of places that have open where you can go and the lines are very long. just about 15 minutes ago i got a text from here saying they finally got the power up in her house. my mom's house has no power still. slowly but surely things are trying to get back to normal. follow up to a story on nbc bay area responds. are consumer unit first broke it san jose city council
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is debating a fireworks ordnance that many say needs to be blown up. the issue started when several people discovered citations on their mail for using illegal fireworks. nbc marianne favro joins us. they say there wasn't any evidence that they were setting off fireworks. >> reporter: that's exactly right, jessica, which is why one of the proposed changes to require people to offer detailed information. that includes clear photos and specific addresses. just a few minutes ago the san jose city council accepted a report on those proposed changes and asked us to come back in november with a detail ordinance that will improve the process of reporting illegal fireworks. one of the things that will be addressed is the online reporting system. >> we're looking at some changes
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into our online reporting form to try and get better evidence and then we'll go to city attorney's office and see to make sure that we're using all the proper tools to get good evidence for people to continue to do online reporting. >> reporter: san jose fire chief curtis jacobson says while the enforcement efforts nighttime the improvement they were a step in the right direction. more than 4,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were seized over the holiday this year. and he says it's possible under the new plan that it will also require violators to pay for response costs if their illegal fireworks cause a fire. the city council will review a final plan coming up in november on the 28th. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now to spris san francisco a shooting triggered a crash
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involving several cars in union square. take a look the shooting happened at 6:30 this morning. police say the victim was hit inside of his car and then he side swiped another car. four cars were involved in all in this crash rate in the middle of the busy area. >> thankfully i'm not hurt and nobody was walking the streets. otherwise they could have been worse. >> it could have been a lot worse. the victim's condition is not known at this time. we also don't have information on the gunman. we have new details about a police standoff that played out almost eight hours at a kfc restaurant in milpitas. part of our breaking news coverage at 11:00. swat teams used flash bang grenades to enter the kfc on main street a little before 2:00 a.m. police got calls about a man with a gun inside the bathroom. he was taken into custody thankfully no one urt. there is a new system in place to help keep the san jose police department open.
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city council hired independent police audio to your. the mayor announced that he will philamena role. the auditor will look into complaints against officers to make sure investigations are handled in a fair way. he'll be able to make recommendations following the investigations. the the auditor previously served on the blue ribbon commission which looked into potential problems inside the county jails. after months of turmoil contra costa has a new district attorney. appointing retired judge to be the new district attorney of contra costa. she is the first woman and first african-american to hold that job. she replaces former d.a. mark pederson she resigned in june after pleading nbc to perjury charges. prosecutors say he misspent campaign funds. a big celebration for the commonwealth club of frist. after debating current events for 114 years, the club finally
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has a permanent home. now over the decades presidents and all kinds of world leaders have spoken here. not just a live audience, the speeches are also carried on national public radio. it's where secretary of state george schultz introduced the reagan doctrine. >> that's the place. so why did i believe that this was the place to roll out an important speech? i mean coming to san francisco, a republican? wow. >> that's a good place for open and honest debate. schultz knew he would get a polite hearing from informed citizens, something the club offers to this day. well a dispute over service dogs. nbc bay area responds to a couple in the south bay who say they were being harassed no move out of their home. a tribute to the late great
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robin williams. ==vo== san francisco plans to rename golden gate park )s sharon meadow after the comedian and a tribute to late great roberten williams. san francisco plans to rename sharon meadow after the comedian
6:41 pm
and actor. he was a san francisco resident beloved by so many. mayor ed lee voiced his support praising the influence of rob williams. the r. ec commission ha has to sign off on it. advertising on sports jerseys is about to become a lot more common. today the warriors announced a new deal. draymond green and andre iguodala showing off the new uniforms. a new patch on the upper left corner of the jerseys, the red patch wp. the warriors signed a sponsorship deal with a japanese internet services company. >> you look at the rate that the warrior have grown and the rate that the brand has grown to become one of the world's best it's special. that's what makes this partnership so great. >> how much was the keel worth? our reports that they will be
6:42 pm
paid $20 million a year. the warriors are one of 14 nba franchises partnering with an outside company. >> the racketen warriors. >> it's still the golden state warriors. >> jeff tell us about the lightning. >> yeah still on top for the possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow morning. you can see activity off to the east. we also have storm activity over the pacific. we're breaking it down for you when you best chance is in five minutes. to a morgan hill couple who
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6:44 pm
feared they would be forced to move because theyav okay nbc bay area responds to a morgan hill couple who feared they would be forced to move because they have assist animals. >> they asked our consumer team for help. . our consumer investigator chris chmura joins with us the story. >> this couple was convinced the law protected them. but the home owners association pushed back. we set the record straight. >> she will come up and sit with me and look at me.
6:45 pm
and that immediately calms me down. zbloop luis and gloria rent add morgan hill condo back in january. they moved in with the three emotional support dogs who helped them with disabilities. >> it's kind of like having a -- a life saver if you will. >> the recordings say the landlord welcomed the dogs but the home owner association cottage didn't. a month after moving in they were told they violated the two-pet policy. >> the whom owners needed proof that they need the dogs. and they supplied notes from doctors saying they have functional limitations. and the dogs enhance the ability to live independently. but the association wasn't satisfied. they asked for an updated note from the doctor and requested to see the dogs perform the
6:46 pm
service. >> we don't know what's going on. we've never been challenged with the law. >> luis was baffled. he was certain the law protected enemy. >> that's why we're here. a lot of landlords don't understand the legal obligations that they have. >> kevin kish heads the california department of fair employment and housing. one of his jobs is to investigate complaints about housing discrimination. kish says assistance animals play many roles. some trained to help people blind, deaf or with other physical disabilities. others offer emotional assistance. state and federal laws protect them all. kish said the rorpgd's notes should have been enough proof for the hoa to allow the dogs. >> if someone is providing a landlord with documentation from a medical professional that establishes the person has a disability and that the animal is insisting the person with the disability to use the developing place then generally that is all
6:47 pm
the tenant needs to show. >> we went back to cottage green by email a spokesperson said they never received let doctor's note but a few weeks later he said the recording's dogs would be allowed to stay. we still is had questions. but cottage green declined our request for interview and even a phone call. instead the border spokesperson said in an email the issue is satisfied as to mr. and mrs. rodriguez. there is nothing to discuss. >> the rodriguez's hope others will learn from their struggle. >> we just want to get on with life respect our neighbors and the community be part of the community. >> one more important note. people with assistance animals do not have to disclose the o their disability pch also the state says landlords can refuse assistance animals in two singers. one if the animal poses a known threat like having a history of
6:48 pm
biting or lunging at people. two if the animal causes significant damage to the property. if you have a consumer complaint please call us. 1-888-996-tips or visit >> you always get good answers. >> that's a big issue for a lot of people. a lot of people interested in that story. jeff is with us we are interested with what happened last night and could we see more moving forward. >> there is a good chance of more thunderstorms developing. nothing showing up right now. but everything is is leading us to believe that we will get some activity close to the bay area and possibly more thunderstorms. i want everybody to know in san francisco that really got rocked by the dangerous lightning and thunder last night what you're seeing now is the marine layer and fog, not thunderstorm activity, but it's producing drizzle. . it's the typical sf event. and temperatures into the 60s into early tomorrow morning. here is the main reason for the thunderstorm chance. the area of low pressure brought
6:49 pm
us thunderstorms yesterday is sitting in about the same spot. we think it's moving across the bay area tomorrow morning. that's going to fire off the possibility here of thunderstorms for us. currently view of the doppler radar doesn't show anything right now. we weren't expecting a whole lot the at the hour but we have it fired up to monitor what's getting close and when. you can see throughout the bay area nothing. in terms of when we could see things develop. 11:30 tonight possibly shower activity near the santa cruz mountains. most of us still off to the south off shore. as we advance you'll see things bubble up at twourt in the morning possibly isolated thunderstorms near morgan hill. then at 5:00 in the morning over san jose. also down to morgan hill and gilroy. really a south bay event for the bulk of the activity and also throughout the peninsula. we'll likely see it push into 6:30 throughout the santa cruz mountains maybe up to loss alt ohs also palo alto. two things. the first, if you do not have
6:50 pm
the nbc bay area app get your phone, look up nbc bay area get our app. it will tell you when lightning is within five miles of your location and also rain and thunderstorms are detected close by. also has a really great zoomable radar. kari hall on "today in the bay" she will track it and will be all over it if the thunderstorms get close. when do we expect it to move out? you can see at 11:30 in the morning we'll see things dry out with lingering cloud cover then in the afternoon we'll get the sunshine. everybody starts with a chance of thunderstorms throughout the bay area. but the south bay has the best chance and 67 degrees. throughout san francisco we'll begin with 62 and possibly a few storms. temperatures tomorrow cool off in response to that the storm system passing over. it will bring us much more enjoyable 84 in san jose and start to lose humidity by the amp. so shaping up nice for us once
6:51 pm
we get over the thunderstorm chance in the morning. east bay 84 in walnut creek. elbowed at 74. over to redwood owood up towards the marine eight 68 north valley, north bay 74 in mill valley and 84 in napa. extended forecast temperatures looking good throughout the upcoming weekend for spris. a chance of a shower next tuesday. nothing big right now but we'll watch it closely. for the inland valleys we go down to 79. that's so comfortable by thursday's forecast. and up to mid-80s this weekend. first time in a long time no upper 90s no 100s. i like it. >> great fall weather. >> yes. >> thanks jeff. he is one of the smartest guys you'll ever meet also one of the fastest. colin resch tries catching up with jr hildebrand we we come back.
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our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe
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and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california. enrollment is not - in santa clara county. kris sanchez investigates the sionging school. construction is booming but enrollment is not in santa clara. be among the first to hear from her. marcus/gfx full today in the bay ) starts at 4:30. sausalito )s j.r. hildebrand isa adjunct lecturer in okay. . we know a few things here. we know he is smart. jr hildebrand is an adjunct lecturer at stanford he is vees vehicular dynamics program . >> he is also one of the best indy car drivers in the world and came to a fork in a road a
6:55 pm
dozen years. nbc bay area colin resch joins from us larks spur. >> it's a busy busy week for jr hildebrand of course here for the sunday ending race. but his engagement began on monday carting with terrelle owen as one of his idols. today he agreed to take me for a spin around the old stomping grounds here in larks spur. >> ray may i look over my shoulder i see the sign and parking lot behind the signs i remember silly things i used to do with my buddies. it's cool to be be, to be in the bay area leading into the race weekend. >> the 2006 graduate of the of roadwood hi resides in colorado but being home brings on reflection how it leads to the life he leads today. >> i started to map out how i might be able to defer college. i was so committed to my
6:56 pm
education while still here. and you know i got into cal ucla, mit and decided to pursue driving race car instead. so i don't really know what that says about how smart i am. but fortunately for my high school counselors and stuff that worked out okay. >> his greatest and simultaneously most deflating moment as a dr. driver came in 2011 when he wrecked on the final turn and lost the indianapolis 500. now back where he decided to focus solely on a racing career hildebrand prefers pride over disappointment. >> if you'd have told me while i was here i'd have raised through 7 indy 500s that would have put a smile on my face for sure. >> in larks spur colin resch nbc baifr. >> i want to watch the raise. i'm inspired. >> a risk taker wow. >> from redwood high school. >> see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. angelina's new interview on life after brad. now on "extra." how are you doing? >> i'm all right. >> how she's coping post break up as a single mom with six kids. and her emotional new movie produced by her 16-year-old son, maddox. >> you waited until maddox was ready. >> was why was that so important? >> beyoncè, oprah, clooney. inside tonight's telethon for hurricane relief. >> you're not alone. the real miami housewives sparking outrage posting an evacuation on the private jet. pop star demi


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